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NAME: Kayla 

What made you decide to teach in England?
Unfortunately the lack of jobs available where I live and the competitive market was unappealing. I wanted experience and I knew that I could get it going abroad. I chose England because I had been told how much work was available and the opportunity to travel on the breaks is also a huge plus.

Why did you choose Protocol Education as your agency?
I chose Protocol Education because it was the best fit for me. I shopped around to different agencies and Protocol was the one agency that stood out the most to me. They were the one who responded to my emails the quickest, they had the most information to provide in response to my millions of questions and always felt supported by them and still do.

How did you find the process of registering in Canada?
The process of registering was quite easy as. My consultant, Melissa, took me through each step and ensured I had all the proper documents before sending off my visa application. It was all laid out for me exactly what I needed to do and what I needed to provide. Within a few short weeks I had my Visa in the mail.

What are the biggest differences you have found between teaching in England and teaching in Canada?
The major change I find is the behaviour in the students, I believe that you need to have good behaviour / classroom management. The second biggest difference I find is that I feel Canada curriculum is slightly different because in the U.K. they seem to still focus on memorization. Yet,  in Canada  educators are pulling away from that style of teaching in the classroom and instead getting our students to think critically and focus on learning skills rather than memorization.

Tell us 3 things you enjoy most about living in England?

  1. Meeting new people
  2. Experiencing new things
  3. Ability to travel

Any travel tips or advice for teachers planning on making the move?
For those of you who are unsure, just do it. Even if you are worried it may not be for you, you will never no unless you go out and try it. If it is, than that is amazing and enjoy and embrace every moment of this opportunity to expand your career and see another part of the world. If it is not for you, that is okay to. You took a chance and it was not for you and that is more then most people will ever do.

Would you recommend Protocol Education to your friends and family?
I always and only recommend Protocol Education!

NAME Nicole

What made you decide to teach in England?

  • I had friends who were there teaching already
  • Not many job prospects here
  • Right time in my life for adventure without too many commitments
  • Seemed like it would be an easy culture to integrate into

Why did you choose Protocol Education as your agency?

  • I was really impressed by their presentation at the Education Fair
  • Seemed to be the most professional and established agency
  • Also offered far more locations to work and live

How did you find the process of registering in Canada?
The process was very easy in Canada. The VISA applications were a bit tough from an isolated place like Thunder Bay, but Protocol was nothing but helpful to ensure all was set up before I travelled.

What are the biggest differences you found between teaching in England and teaching in Canada?
The biggest differences were the students. There is a real societal difference in the way students view their education, especially at the high school level. There seems to be less drive for higher education and this can affect the outcome of student behaviours and achievements in some regards. But this can also be very regional and dependant on school to school.

Tell us 3 things you enjoyed most about living in England?

  1. Being young (my20’s) and living only 40min train ride from London.
  2. Every 6 weeks we got a week break! I was able to go on many short trips all over Europe during these breaks.
  3. Being able to just be there and experience a country and people that have such an amazing history and culture.

Any travel tips or advice for teachers planning on making the move?

  • Have a good plan for housing. (Protocol helped to set us up with a housing agency)
  • Like any job it can take a bit of time to get steady work so be prepared financially
  • Pack Kraft Dinner and Ketchup Chips, lol

Would you recommend Protocol Education to your friends and family?
Yes, I even tell every Education Graduate I meet to go. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity! While you have to work very hard when you get there, teaching and living in England is an experience that I will never forget!


UK Teaching Testimonials

Protocol Education successfully places many Canadian teachers in UK schools, in London and all over the UK! Here are some testimonials we have from Canadian teachers who have been there and done it - just click on the title to read the full testimonial.

Conor from Ontario, teaching in London UK

Krissy from Edmonton, teaching in London UK

Naomi from Vancouver, living and teaching in North London

Jocelyn from Toronto, teaching in Essex UK

Lisa from Ontario, a Primary and Secondary teacher working in Essex

Tracey from Toronto, living and teaching in East London UK

Jennifer from Ottowa, teaching in Essex

Guy from Toronto, teaching in Leicester

Colleen from Toronto, teaching in Leicester

Craig from Burlington, teaching in Essex

Jenna from Ontario, teaching in Leeds

Jo from Ontario, teaching in Bristol UK

Jemma from Windsor, teaching in London UK

A testimonial from primary teacher Conor

After attending undergrad and teacher's college in Ontario, I was fully aware of the lack of jobs available and the difficulty in even obtaining a spot on the supply list within Ontario. Being an adventurous type, I decided to take my career and mix it with my love of travelling. Following a career day in which I was introduced to multiple opportunities to teach worldwide,  I went through a Skype interview process with a couple of agencies that I felt would offer me the best opportunities abroad. Enter Protocol Education. Immediately during my interview I was greeted with a large smile, and got the chance to introduce myself to Shawna (my interviewer). Immediately I felt comfortable speaking to her which allowed me to give a true insight to my personality, and since then Protocol Education has done nothing but support me and help me in my journey overseas.
Having never been to Europe, or anywhere outside of North America, I was hesitant and worried about dealing with things such as bank accounts, accommodations, flights, and what not. Having the ability to communicate with Protocol Education on a more personal level allowed me to overcome these worries and made my transition from Canada to the UK very easy. They took care of things like the bank account, and provided valuable insight on things such as accommodations and whatnot. By establishing a relationship built around trust and comfort, along with a personal touch, Protocol Education's staff ensured that my transition here was worry free. (And it was)
All things aside, Protocol Education got me placed in a classroom most suitable to my strengths right away, and provided me with options and room to move around. They are always available to chat when you need them, or when you have a moment of panic (they come, but they go away just as quickly). Since joining Protocol Education, I have had friends ask me to recommend places, and with no hesitation I inform them that Protocol Education is the right choice. They 'take you under their wing' and provide you with opportunities that were not available in my home province. Oh, and did I mention, Im in London England, one of the most beautiful cities in the world filled with rich history and amazing sights, and Im a short flight/train ride away from any part of Europe (Unbelievable)
I start on Monday in Harrow, and I cannot wait!

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A testimonial by Krissy, a secondary teacher from Edmonton teaching in London

"This agency has been solid throughout and continues to be the one I can always rely on. From the onset, Protocol Education has been incredibly supportive, helpful and straightforward. My Canadian contact, Shawna, was an amazing recruiter. She helped me with everything along the way to make my preparation easy. She sent me reminders, helped me fill out forms (CRB, for instance), calmed me down when I had Passport and VISA emergencies, and was completely upfront with work expectations. She made my move to London go smoothly and dealt with my doubts and concerns quickly and honestly.

Once in London, I met with the agency staff and completed UK paper work, etc. When I was ready to begin working, Protocol Education was the only agency able to offer me work. Initially, it was just Teaching Assistant work, but at least it was work! Within weeks, they started offering me teaching jobs once a week, and then twice a week and so on until today, I work a full week as a teacher!

Moreover, they have such great Primary, Secondary and Special Needs teams that really try to meet your needs. The staff touch base with you regularly and call sometimes just to make sure you’re happy and getting the kind of work you want, etc. They genuinely seem to care about you and want to ensure that you’re having a good experience at their schools. I can’t rave enough about them!

Protocol Education also offers free courses to help teachers develop skills that can be added to a resume. For instance, I’m taking the “Secondary to Primary” conversion course as well as the “Understanding Autism” course with them this month! How great that an agency tries to encourage your growth as a teacher FOR FREE! And even better, they have monthly events to encourage social networking! They also celebrate Canadian events so for those feeling homesick, you can come out and enjoy a night out with other Canadians. For all of these reasons, I would recommend Protocol Education to Canadians in a heartbeat. If you need an agency that will hold your hand along the way and take care of your once you arrive in London, then this is the one I’d go with!"

A testimonial by Naomi, a primary teacher living and teaching in North London

"We all have what we would consider our home, our place of security and comfort; after my experience moving to the UK I found that this can exist in more than one place. Yes, I have my home in Canada but I have also been able to build a life from living and teaching in North London.

I came to the UK with the intent of gaining teaching experience, traveling and meeting new people within a 7 month span. I never would have expected that I would be extending my stay indefinitely. I could not be more happy with the schools and children in North London. Not only have I experienced different schools and year groups but have also been immersed in a multicultural society.

I work almost everyday and constantly am called to the same schools, allowing for me to build friendships and connections with the children. Living and working in North London has been an amazing experience and I have built a second home." ~ from Naomi, a Canadian Primary Teacher working through Protocol Education.

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A testimonial by Jocelyn, a Canadian primary teacher working in Essex UK

"In September 2007 I began work with Protocol Education in Chelmsford, Essex, England. When I arrived I was greeted by an incredibly friendly group. I arrived with no place to stay, but they were very helpful. Protocol Education has friendly staff that gave great suggestions and allowed me to use their internet and telephone in order to get settled. I began supply teaching and within a month ended up with a full time position. Protocol Education  is a great agency. They provided me with consistent work and were even willing to help when situations weren't work related. Thanks Protocol Education!

Protocol Education was awesome with connecting you to other teachers. within the week I arrived we had a social with the other teachers in the area and I instantly had a family away from home.

I stayed in Chelmsford which is a little, but fantastic town in Essex. It is only a 30 minute train ride into London. The downtown is great for dining, night life and shopping. Chelmsford is also fabulous for commuting. The train station is right in the centre of town, so getting to all the different schools was really easy. I loved Chelmsford! If I ever get back to England I would definitely return there." ~ from Jocelyn, a Canadian Primary Teacher working in Essex UK

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A testimonial from Lisa, a primary and secondary teacher working in Essex UK

"My experience working and living in England has been a once in a lifetime opportunity. The employees at Protocol Education were helpful from my interview in New Market, Ontario all the way through to helping me set up my life in Chelmsford. The employees are always friendly and helpful and willing to go out of their way to lend a helping hand. They have worked hard to ensure that I have had work this year, and over the year I have been quite happy in the schools I have worked in.
Living in England is an interesting blend of Canadian living and English living. If you aren't sold on big city life in London, Chelmsford is a lovely choice. Chelmsford has everything you need from lovely restaurants, pubs and shops and is an easy 30 minute train ride from London Liverpool Street station. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Chelmsford and have made some great friends- both through the agency and in different schools I have worked in.
Teaching overseas has opened my eyes to many different experiences I wouldn't have had otherwise - both professional and personal. Oh, and travelling during half-term breaks and even weekends is a breeze! Its a great way to experience the world." ~ from Lisa, a Primary/Secondary Teacher working in Essex UK
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A testimonial from Tracey, a primary teacher who worked in East London UK

"Protocol Education is a company that I would recommend to anyone- and I would do this even without the £50 Recommend a Friend motivation factor! The first time I knew that I had made a really good choice by joining with Protocol Education was even before I had flown over to London, England. In order to get a working visa, I had to get some biometric data taken in Toronto. I drove all the way into the city and sat in the waiting room. There was another young guy sitting there and we started talking. He was also about to teach overseas but had gone with another agency. We waited well over an hour and then he was called in first. A few minutes later he came out quite annoyed. He told me to not even bother going any further because there was information we needed before proceeding. I thought, “Oh how annoying, I drove all this way and I’m going to have to just do it all again”. Next thing I know is I’m being called in and I had a very different experience from that young man. Shawna Hill, the consultant for Protocol Education in Ontario, had organized absolutely everything I needed and there were no problems. What a relief! All I could think was, “That poor lad went with the wrong company!”  Well at this time I would not have said lad - but that’s just the London influence talking.  

Protocol Education has many great qualities that make it so easy to work for. The staff are supportive, hard working, always follow through, trustworthy and fantastic!  The office is full of friendly faces and people to guide you in the right direction. My mother worked for the same company for over three decades. One day I asked her how she could do this for so long? She told me it was easy to work for a company that was so good to her. They truly showed care for her throughout the years and that made her want to work harder for them. I have quickly understood this only after working for Protocol Education for four months. Shawna Hill, the very first person I met from Protocol Education, is an amazingly organized and knowledgeable woman. She made me feel confident that my London teaching experience would be an enjoyable one - and she could not have been more right.

Upon arrival in London, I met my UK consultant. He let me know everything I needed to know, and took the time to really listen to what I wanted. I also met another staff member who over the past four months has kept in touch, solely to make sure I am still content with my experiences. She even went as far as to organize a little get together one night to help teachers from Protocol Education get to know each other. Now, tell me an agency that takes care of your social life?!  I was so impressed I decided to start teaching earlier than expected. Immediately I was found a 2 week placement at a public school in East London. I was very excited, but a little weary of working in East London. I heard some scary stories about this area and knew it was going to be a challenging job.  I’m very happy I decided to go - so happy in fact that I still haven’t left that placement.

When speaking with my consultant on my first day, I told him that I would like to work as much as possible and was not afraid of a challenge. He suggested the best place for this to happen was to work in East London. Now, before coming to England, everyone back home said two things. Don’t live in East London and don’t work in East London. I have managed to do both and it was the best decision I could have made.

East London does have its reputation for being more of a dangerous area, and in past times this reputation was much more accurate. Lots of funding has gone into making East London a cleaner and safer place. Of course it still has its issues like any area, but not all of East London deserves this scary reputation. There are many fantastic things about living in the East that many people don’t realize. It is a multicultural area in close proximity to the city and rich with history. There are markets, parks and canals. Everyday I walk along the canal and say my hellos to the swans - which oink like pigs if you’ve ever taken the time to know them. It’s a beautiful way to start the day. If you’re confused about where you want to work and live in London, and you’re not afraid of a little challenge, I think you would be pleasantly surprised!  

Thank you Protocol Education and to all the staff that I have come into contact with over the past four months.  You are all very good at what you do and I could not have felt better taken care of." ~ by Tracey, "a very happy teacher and impressed employee"

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A testimonial from Jennifer, a primary teacher working in Essex UK

"The team in Chelmsford has been very helpful. They are definitely a good team. I've really enjoyed the teaching that I've done so far.

I was a little concerned after hearing some stories about what the classes are like, but so far I've been lucky (knock on wood) and have had some great classes"

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A testimonial from Guy, a special education needs teacher who taught in Leicester UK

"Moving from Canada to the UK is no small step but my transition was made much easier thanks to Protocol Education. From day one, they supplied my partner and I with all of the information needed to apply for visas, get settled, and start working. I was concerned about the amount of working days we would have but Protocol Education  was able to offer us work, which ensured we would have a constant revenue stream.
Shortly after arriving in Leicester, my partner and I were greeted by the branch manager, who made sure we were getting on well, and helped by being an employment reference to speed up the process of getting an apartment. We met face to face within a few days, where we discussed both what types of teaching we were interested in and our goals for the year. Every assurance was made that Protocol Education would try hard to ensure that we enjoyed our UK teaching experience.
Through Protocol Education I have been to teach at a variety of schools and year levels. After teaching for a few months, I began working half time in a year 6 classroom while filling up my spare days with bookings from other schools. All in all, I have found that the Leicester branch has kept me as busy as I would like to be.
Living in Leicester has been unique to say the least. The city is a cultural enclave and boasts many great festivals as a result. But I would have to say that my favorite thing about living in Leicester is the sports. Catching a live football or rugby match is a thrilling way to spend a weekend afternoon without breaking the bank. Additionally, Leicester’s proximity to UK travel destinations is great, as it lies smack in the middle of England"

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Colleen from Toronto talks about her teaching experience in Leicester UK

"As soon as we arrived in Leicester, we received a call from our consultant welcoming us, asking how the move went and offering help with a housing reference. We met shortly thereafter for coffee, where she answered all of our questions about teaching in the UK. A few weeks after starting work, I was also surprised by a personal call from a fellow Canadian at the London branch, calling to ask how we were doing and seeing what help she could offer. I really appreciated how hard Protocol Education worked to ensure that we were happy and settling in well.

Working in Leicester has given me the opportunity to work with children from Foundation 1 to Year 6. Most of my work now consists of regular bookings at a few schools where I have developed a good relationship with the staff and know the children well. It has been a learning curve, but I am a confident supply teacher now and have learned a lot from the different schools I have been in.
Leicester is a busy, diverse city with plenty of excellent restaurants, loads of shopping and a constant stream of festivals. The Comedy Festival, Bonfire Night and Diwali were some highlights of the past year. Watching the local rugby or football league is always a good idea as well. And if you are in for traveling, catching a train to anywhere in England (or an airport!) is cheap and easy"

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A testimonial from Craig, a primary teacher working in Essex UK

"I always knew I wanted to come to the UK and one of the main purposes of getting my teaching degree was to keep on travelling. It's the starting point to every journey that's always the hardest part. I contacted a couple of recommended companies but none was more helpful than Protocol Education . They walked me through each step and I soon realised that even the simplest question was not going to be ignored. Anything from how do I fill out my visa paper work properly to where is the best place to buy warm socks, the representatives from Protocol Education helped in every way they could.

When I arrived in the UK it was told to me that the Chelmsford office in Essex were looking for more teachers. It was said that there is a lot of work out there and the staff was really amazing. I soon found out that the rumours were completely true. Within a few days of arrival I was already being oriented and brought into the family. They were beside me for all the paper work and all the questions and concerns I had. I didn't have to go out of my way for anything. This is also where I got to meet my consultant. On meeting my consultant I knew right away that this was going to be a good working relationship. Not only could her energy jump start a small engine, she was genuine and kind. She got me work right away and I didn't have a day that went by without a school to go to. The entire office soon found out who I was each time and could almost set their watch to my call of being lost somewhere. Their patience however was overwhelming and I was never late for a job.

Later, Protocol Education was able to get me an interview for a couple of schools. My consultant gave me all the preparations and all the support I could handle. After the first interview I was hired and she made sure it was her that gave me that glorious news. I probably would have been upset if I got it from anyone else. Even though I was in a long term contract, the contact between Protocol Education, my consultant and I never stopped. When it came to deciding my contract for next year, I never had someone work so hard for me before. My consultant went above and beyond her job and I will be eternally grateful. My experience with Protocol Education  has been great and I would not have gotten as far here with out the support that each member of staff had given me."

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A testimonial from Jenna, a primary teacher working in Leeds UK

"Moving and working abroad can be both scary and exciting. Once I made the decision to move from Canada to England in order to pursue my teaching career my emotions began to get the best of me. I was both excited to be do something new and start my career however,  I was nervous to be moving so far away from my friends and family. It had only been a couple of days after I received my job from Protocol Education that I received a friendly email from them which very soon put all my nerves at ease.

Before moving to England, Protocol Education provided me with vast amounts of information about not only my job but about Leeds, the city in which I was moving to. They replied to every email and every question whether it was big or small. They assured me that Protocol Education would be keeping me busy with daily supply work and reassured me that moving to Leeds, England was a great choice.

Upon arrival in Leeds, Protocol Education continued to provide amazing support and information for my enquiring mind. The staff assisted me with becoming acquainted with the city, by providing me with maps, information on where to live and any other questions I had regarding Leeds. Protocol Education stuck true to their word and within days of setting myself up in the city I was provided with my first supply job and I continued to get many calls from then on. Protocol Education has set me up with many schools that I continue to go back to and have began to form many bonds with. They continue to have my best interest in mind and work very hard on finding me placements where they feel I will be able to shine daily.

With all of the friendly staff’s continuous support and guidance at Protocol Education every day I am reassured that moving to Leeds was one of the best decisions I have ever made. They have made me feel right at home within this city. Without their support and belief in me and my teaching ability I may not have had the confidence to stay so far away from home.

Protocol Education is an amazing company to work for. I would strongly recommend them to anyone thinking of making the move to England, they will not regret it!"

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A testimonial from Jo, a primary teacher working in Bristol UK

My name is Jo and I’m from a small town in Ontario, Canada. I completed my Bachelor of Education in 2010 at the Junior/Intermediate level and after looking for work for a year I decided to move to the UK.  I’ve now been living in Bristol and working for Protocol Education Bristol for a year – and I’m really enjoying the experience!

Originally I came to the UK with another agency and unfortunately within two or three weeks of arriving I was completely let down by the agency’s lack of communication and unfulfilled promises. After speaking with other supply teachers they unanimously recommended that I speak to Protocol Education.

Registering with Protocol Education is by far one of the best decisions I’ve made. Protocol Education not only got me working quickly, but more important they found me consistent work as well. The staff at the Bristol branch have always listened to my concerns and made sure that I’m always teaching where I’m most comfortable. I can safely say that I completely agree with my colleagues – when it comes to supply teaching in the UK, Protocol Education really is the best.

As you can imagine, when Protocol Education asked me if I’d like to share my experience on the ProtoBlog with other teachers I was really excited. I’m really looking forward to passing on some tricks I’ve picked up here in the UK the last year and weighing in on some of the issues facing supply teachers on a daily basis.

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A testimonial from Jemma, teaching in London UK

Last year I knew that I wanted to teach abroad upon graduating teachers college at the University of Windsor. In January 2012, we had a career day where different agencies from around the world came to Windsor to inform teacher candidates about the different options of teaching around the world. It was on this day that I was introduced to Protocol Education.

I applied to Protocol Education the following week, and the process began immediately. I had my interview shortly after, and then spent the summer filling out various applications, and forms to begin my journey teaching in the UK. Teaching abroad is not something that every teacher candidate considers, and of course it is a big decision to make such a big move. Part of me was hesitant at the beginning of my application process, but as time went by and I had been communicating back and forth with various members of the Protocol Education team, my hesitations were erased.

The Protocol Education team has been absolutely unreal in helping me throughout my journey thus far, and I could not have asked for a better agency to work for. I move into my flat in Harrow, London soon, and will begin work shortly after that. I look forward to the journey that has only just begun.

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