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Want to teach in the UK but don't want the risk? We make sure you get all the teaching work you need by guaranteeing you up to 5 days a week!

What is a Guaranteed Work Agreement?

The Guaranteed Work Agreement (GWA) is the best way for you to travel and teach in the UK. It gives you the flexibility of casual/relief teaching and short term blocks with the guarantee of getting paid!

If you're looking to teach in England then we can guarantee you 5 days per week over the length of a school term. No risk, no catches and no cuts in your daily rate of pay - simply make yourself available for the school term and we make sure you will get out to teach every single day. We're that busy!

This offers you great rates of pay, security in your move to teach in the UK, local schools and lots of variety. It also gives you an opportunity to get your face out to schools and impress - a great way to secure a long-term role for the future!

How long does the scheme last for?

Generally the scheme lasts for the whole term (excluding the very first week of term).

If the term finishes and you want to sign up again then you can renew the scheme if you wish (although after the first term most teachers are either in a long term position or have consistent casual work at a core group of schools!)

But seriously - what's the catch!?

Honestly - there's none! You don't pay a fee to sign up, you don't get paid a lower rate and you don't get the last choice of schools (the ones everybody else has declined). We know how hard it is to pack your life into a 30kg suitcase and look for teaching jobs in London and across England; to make it easier for you we can offer you guaranteed teaching work.

We know we've got enough work (which is why we can guarantee it) - we just need energetic and enthusiastic Aussie teachers like you to teach in UK schools! Live either in London or in one of our major regional centres we can offer you guaranteed casual relief teaching work.

Get in touch with  the Canada team now to discuss guaranteed casual teaching in London and across the UK!

Anything else I should know?

Some other agencies can also offer versions of guaranteed work however be sure to read the fine print; most make you wait at a specific tube station between 7am-9am and wait for a phone call for work! If you don't get any work you have to trudge your way back home! With Protocol Education we offer pre-booked daily work in addition to morning calls, so you'll often know at least the day before where you will be headed (and you won't be left catching the tube home at 9am like you've been stood up on a date!)

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