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What is supply teaching?

Supply teaching is arranged when a school needs daily cover from time to time - whether it is due to teacher sickness or other factors. Protocol Education helps schools to fill in for absent teachers - this is where you come in!

What is short-term teaching?

Schools regularly come to Protocol Education for teachers who can cover a class for a few days or more. Short-term assignments are a great way to get to know the school, and make a great impression in the hope they ask you back next time they need someone!

Where you come in

Soon after your arrival in England, you will meet with the UK consultant in the area in which you will be living for your UK Induction. Your UK consultant will find short term/day to day work for you. At times, schools will advise us in advance of days they require cover. We will give you as much notice as we can, but sometimes we receive morning bookings, so always be ready to go! Your UK consultant will then contact you to give you the details of the appointment, information about the school, and directions on how to get to the school. It is advisable, especially for day-to-day teachers, to purchase a cell phone upon arrival in the UK, as this will ensure that you are easily contactable by your UK consultant for daily work. 

These types of work sometimes lead to long-term or permanent positions - read more here.

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