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Why Teach in the UK?

Number 10: Exploration

Teaching in the UK gives you a new world to explore. Whether you choose to teach in London or Manchester, there are places to discover, connections to be made, and great experiences to share!

Number 9: Preparation

You may choose to teach in the UK straight after you have graduated from teacher training. In this case, teaching abroad is a great way to prepare you for when/if you return to Canada and settle down in a full-time teaching role.

Number 8: Independence

Teaching in a different country gives you a new lease of life. You will be responsible for most of the decisions you make either before you leave, or upon arrival, though of course Protocol Education will be helping you every step of the way. Your growing independence will be reflected in your teaching, as you teach children to be responsible in everything they do.

Number 7: Enhancing your CV

By working in UK classrooms as a supply teacher, you will work in many different schools, over a variety of levels and year groups. You will be able to add this to your CV, and show future employers how versatile your teaching approach is.

Number 6: The Challenge

To know that you have really succeeded in anything you choose to do, you need to test yourself. Teaching in the UK will certainly test you in many ways, and help you strengthen your ability to achieve. While teaching in the UK you will be faced with many challenges, possibly including behaviour management, which is an essential skill for any teacher.

Number 5: Travel

Many Canadian teachers go to the UK for their first teaching years, and make the most of the traveling opportunities it offers! Europe is an amazing destination, and there is so much to explore. France and Belgium are only a train ride from London, and a short flight will take you anywhere in Europe. If you are supply teaching, you also have the added benefit of being able to go off whenever you like! Protocol Education offers all their teachers great travel discounts too, so it can also be budget friendly.

Number 4: Experience

The experience of teaching in another country is second to none. Many teachers have come from Canada to teach in the UK and have enjoyed the freedom, the challenge and the variety it offers.

Number 3: Socialising

While you are teaching in the UK, you will have many opportunities to socialise! Not only will you meet other teachers at schools you work at, but you will also be invited to teacher events organised by Protocol Education

Number 2: Learning Curve

As you are teaching, you will of course be learning. Teaching in the UK is a great way of learning about new teaching approaches, resources and behaviour management. Protocol Education will always take into account what levels you are interested in teaching, and if you want to explore new approaches, for example SEN teaching jobs, then just speak to your consultant.

Number 1: Flexibility and Ease

While you are teaching in the UK, you may be mainly doing supply teaching. This affords you the flexibility of choosing when and where to work. At the beginning of your stay in the UK, you may be called every day or week by Protocol Education to offer you teaching jobs, and as schools get to know you, you may be offered longer periods of work. If you are interested in teaching in the UK, it is easy to register!

Protocol Education has offices in Canada, and our staff there and in the UK can help you every step of the way. From your initial contact with Protocol Education, to your UK Induction and your first UK teaching job, Protocol Education will do it’s best to make sure you are happy and enjoying your time in the UK. You can even rest assured that Protocol Education will help you with your UK paperwork, including your UK bank account, your UK accommodation and of course a UK teaching job!

Need more convincing? Read some teacher testimonials, the teacher blog, or contact Protocol Education to discuss it further. Protocol can also be contacted via Facebook and Twitter, where you can find great teaching resources as well as a friendly reception.

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