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Testimonials and Interviews

Testimonials and Interviews

Protocol Education is a great choice for Canadian teachers looking to live and teach in the UK - but don't just take our word for it!

Below are a few snippets from testimonials and interviews with Canadian teachers. You can use the links underneath to see the full testimonials. Enjoy!

UK Teaching Testimonials


"I have my home in Canada but I have also been able to build a life from living and teaching in North London" - Naomi, a primary teacher from Vancouver living in North London. Read in full.

"Protocol Education has friendly staff that gave great suggestions and allowed me to use their internet and telephone in order to get settled. I began supply teaching and within a month ended up with a full time position. Protocol Education is a great agency" - Jocelyn, a primary teacher from Toronto living in Essex UK. Read in full.

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Interviews with Canadian Teachers

"I wanted experience and I knew that I could get it going abroad. I chose England because I had been told how much work was available and the opportunity to travel on the breaks is also a huge plus." - Kayla Read in full

"I even tell every Education Graduate I meet to go. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity! While you have to work very hard when you get there, teaching and living in England is an experience that I will never forget!" Nicole - Read in full

"I have been doing supply teaching work, which has worked out great for me because it has helped me explore so many different parts of London... My experience has been really good, they have been getting me pretty much as much work as I have wanted!" - Alana, a primary teacher from Edmonton living in London UK. Read in full.

"Before I came to the UK I was worried about getting enough work. But since I have been here I have worked every day that I have been available" - Meaghan, a primary teacher from Winnipeg. Read in full.

"The staff at Protocol Education were and continue to be professional, ridiculously helpful, and extremely patient in their manners...Protocol Education has proven to me and continues to prove to me that they are truly dedicated not only to my economic and social success in London, but also to creating a fulfilling experience" - Jon, a secondary yeacher from Ontario living in London UK. Read in full.

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