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After your initial online registration, a Canadian consultant will contact you about the different options in regards to teaching in the UK. There are different types of work, but if you are looking to be pre-placed in a long-term job in the UK, you will need to pass a Telephone Interview!

Protocol Education will circulate your CV to UK Head Teachers, and if you match their criteria, a telephone interview for a job vacancy will be arranged by Protocol Education.

A full description of the school, vacancy and area will be given to you, along with an idea of the type of questions and style of interview you will face.

Schools, interviewers and interview styles do vary greatly. Some prefer an informal approach, other require a more rigorous approach. However these common topics are often covered by the interviewer:

  •     Teaching experience, type of schools worked at
  •     Subject knowledge and experience
  •     Behaviour management techniques/approaches
  •     Extracurricular activities offered
  •     Knowledge of the position, the school and its surroundings


It is wise to be able to offer some questions of your own:

  •     How would you describe the academic level of your students?
  •     What resources are available and what should I supply?
  •     How many staff work in the department/year group/school?
  •     Are any programmes of study pre-planned?
  •     Do teachers usually plan units of work individually or as a team?
  •     How many contact hours make up a typical teaching week?
  •     What is the possibility of the position lasting longer?
  •     What subjects would make up my teaching timetable?
  •     Could this timetable change once the school term begins?
  •     What work should be prepared before taking up this position?
  •     What extra curricular responsibilities can I expect?
  •     How many after hour school events should teachers attend?

After your telephone interview your local Protocol Education consultant and their UK counterpart will be in touch to give feedback and hopefully make you a job offer!

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